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Can silence actually be deafening?  For the Memphis Wind Symphony, the answer is categorically yes!

Since late March, the MWS has been silenced by the need to ensure safety for both its performers and their audience.  The “silence” has been painful for a group that so enjoys gathering every Tuesday evening to make music together.  The musical collaboration is only seconded by their desire to be together as a family, enjoying life and devoting all efforts to sharing their amazing musical abilities.


For the Memphis Wind Symphony, to be “silent” and not to have the ability to make magical music has been the most difficult challenge of this time of the virus.  Not a minute has passed that brilliant minds have not been evaluating how they can safely return to rehearsals….yes rehearsals as that’s where it starts, and the concerts, well, they just happen.  

We all hope that the silence will be broken soon and that the MWS will gather and fill the air with its gifts of musical expression.  Let us all continue to be safe, let us all prepare our skills and let us rejoice when that phone rings and music once again fills the air of Memphis Tennessee.


Barry Trobaugh

Stop the Silence!


The Community Band 

A History of the Band

by Jerry Kirkscey

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